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Why Novella?

When I decided to start my own business I thought, "first I need a name!" My husband and I spent my conversations throwing names back and forth. Some of them were really physio like, others were really out there and then, of course, there were the joke names. I told him I really wanted a name that made people feel calm and cared for but smart and something I could grow with.

My mother was the inspiration for the name Novella Health. My mother was strong, resilient, smart, independent, and any other positive adjective. She was also a librarian. As children and young adults she encouraged my brother and I (as well as the other kids at school) to write their own stories, change their narrative, and take hold of their passions and learning. She always encouraged reading and being current, but respecting your past as well as others. She was all about learning from your elders, but telling your own story.

A novella is a short story, usually involving one main character. The description of this character is detailed. This was the basis of what I wanted to be known as a practitioner. I want people to be able to come to see me and tell me their story, their novella. I want them to feel comfortable with the details and I was to be able to return evidence based assessment and treatment that is patience-centred and individualised, based on their story, their needs, their concerns.

My mother passed away April 2019. She was 69 years old. She had Primary Progressive Aphasia which is a type of dementia. Basically she lost the physical ability to tell her story, slowly and painfully over the years. However, I know that she enlightened a lot of people and through this she made the world a better place. I know she would be proud of me and the business I have started with it's strong storytelling aspect.

I hope when you come to see me at Novella Health you can feel the passion I have for allowing people to tell their story and understand that this is embedded in my DNA. I would have it no other way.

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