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Stretchy Outie

I remember when I was pregnant I was worried about my belly button stretching out or becoming an outie. I didn't tell anyone this or complain about it as I didn't want to sound wrapped up in my appearance but I was concerned about this. I had a flat stomach that I should have appreciated more. These days are gone.

I don't look at myself much these days. A quick look before I leave the house if I'm lucky to check for boogers or a check in the review mirror of my car at my teeth. This is only due to time constraints and having one mirror in the house! However, the other day my two and a half year old grabbed two hand fulls of my belly, smiled sweetly, and placed his head down on my belly and rested for about 5 seconds before running off on a new adventure. This is where he came from. This was his first home. He stretched it out and destroyed what lay below but it was the best thing I ever did.

As I look at my stretched out belly button, I think back on the time I carried him and birthed him and I look at it with love and respect. I would rather have this than not. These things remind me of hard times and perfect moments. I am reminded about how far I have come and how far I will go. Looking at this stretched skin filled me full of appreciation for what I have and the little person that doesn't care what I look like but finds home in my touch and my presence as I find in his and his father, my husband.

No things aren't perfect. I wish my boobs filled out my bra more or my pants would fit the way they used to, but the recipe for that is to buy clothes that fit and to stop expecting things out of myself that just aren't going to happen.

Love yourself and be healthy. You are you.

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