sleeping babies and horror stories

So when was raising babies easy? Lately we have had all these friends and acquaintances have babies. You ask them how they are going and they are like, “Great! The baby is always sleeping, feeds every 4 hours and we sleep most of the night!". I’m over here saying, “where is all the horror stories?”. Our baby blew our world to pieces. Just shattered it. Not only was the birth a horror show but he was always nursing, never slept, and had a horrendous witching hour (more like 2-

Why Novella?

When I decided to start my own business I thought, "first I need a name!" My husband and I spent my conversations throwing names back and forth. Some of them were really physio like, others were really out there and then, of course, there were the joke names. I told him I really wanted a name that made people feel calm and cared for but smart and something I could grow with. My mother was the inspiration for the name Novella Health. My mother was strong, resilient, smart, ind