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Referrals- If you're a doctor read this!

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

If you are a doctor and you wish to refer to Novella Health here are ways of sending your referrals.

  • email: (secure email account)

  • snail mail: PO Box 1010, Gia Country, Proserpine QLD 4800

  • Pick up: If your practice is located in Cannonvale, Airlie, or Proserpine I can arrange to pick it up. Please call (0422743230) or email me to arrange.

  • I do not have a fax

  • Please do not fax or email the provider location as I rent rooms from other practitioners and do not use their admin. I am not affiliated with any other practice and do my own admin.

If you are not a doctor and you are reading this you do not need to have a referral to see me. Sometime I need further investigation or clearance of a condition before I treat so I may send you to your GP for this. However, initially you do not have to have a referral.

Also if you read the concessions page you may have noticed a reference to the EPC (Enhanced Primary Care Plan) that will give you some money back through Medicare. If you want this you have to first see your GP and they will follow a list of guidelines to see if you qualify for the plan. Please book a long appointment with your GP as there is a bit of paperwork involved and they will need the time.

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