Your story is important.

At Novella Health we believe telling your story is the first step to healing and rehabilitation. From complex conditions to simple injuries we are here to assess and treat your concerns starting with your story.



Women's Health Physiotherapy

  • Pelvic Pain: Sexual Pain Dysfunctions, Urologic Pain Disorders, Anorectal Pain Disorders, Neuropathic Disorders

  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse assessment and management including pessary fitting and management

  • Anorectal- Bowel difficulties including constipation, incontinence, urgency, post-surgical

  • Bladder issues including urgency, frequency, incontinence, stress incontinence

  • Care of pelvic floor before, during and after pregnancy and through the lifestages

  • Pelvic and lower back pain during pregnancy

  • Exercise assessment/prescription during and post pregnancy 

  • Postpartum checkups

Paediatrics Incontinence

  • Children’s bladder and bowel incontinence, urgency, frequency, bedwetting

Chronic Pain/complex presentation

General Physiotherapy Services

  • For men and women of all ages; neck pain and headache, upper and lower limb conditions, etc.

Women Holding Hands

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Camille has over 10 years’ experience as a physiotherapist with a Master of Physiotherapy Studies from The University of Queensland and a Bachelor of Exercise Sports Science from Texas State University. As a private practitioner, Camille has worked with collegiate and professional sporting teams/athletes in the United States, the ageing population in nursing homes, the general public in private practice, and spent 7 years in the mining industry working with occupational health injury/illness and case management. Camille became a mother in 2018 and found her calling to start taking advanced courses in Women’s Health Physiotherapy. This was the birth of Novella Health and her passion for helping women feel comfortable in their bodies.



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