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Your story is important.

Novella Health is dedicated to pelvic health issues and can assess your concerns, provide treatment plans, and give advice with a holistic focus on helping you feel comfortable in your body.

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Are you experiencing...

  • Pain with sex

  • A feeling of heaviness in the vagina

  • Bladder leakage with cough/sneeze/sudden movement

  • Incomplete emptying of bladder

  • Bladder urgency with or without leaking

  • Bladder pain/recurrent urinary tract infections

  • Night time frequency/urge

  • Bowel leakage/incomplete emptying/constipation

  • Abdominal separation

  • Do you think you have a weak core or pelvic floor?

  • Are you pregnant and want a prebirth check-up?

  • Just had a baby and want to know what's going on down there?

  • Having or have had a hysterectomy or prolapse surgery and want to work on strengthening core and pelvic floor?

Women's Health Physiotherapy can help with:

  • Pelvic Pain: Sexual Pain Dysfunctions, Urologic Pain Disorders, Anorectal Pain Disorders, Neuropathic Disorders

  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse assessment and management including pessary fitting and management

  • Anorectal- Bowel difficulties including constipation, incontinence, urgency, post-surgical

  • Bladder issues including urgency, frequency, incontinence, stress incontinence

  • Perineal tear management (pre/post tear)

  • Rectus Diastasis assessment and management

  • Care of pelvic floor before, during and after pregnancy and through the lifestages

  • Pelvic and lower back pain during pregnancy

  • Assessment of long-standing hip and back pain that is not responding to treatment

  • Exercise assessment/prescription during and post pregnancy 

  • Pregnancy/Postpartum checkups

Paediatrics Incontinence

  • Children’s bladder and bowel incontinence, urgency, frequency, bedwetting

Real Time Ultrasound available

Novella Health is a sensitive practice and understands that patients may be survivors of child sexual abuse, domestic violence, intimate partner violence, and/or have birth trauma, postpartum depression and/or PTSD. We have undertaken special training to work with patients that may be uncomfortable with the nature of the visit. Patients do not need to disclose this information unless they are comfortable to do so.

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Image by Lucrezia Carnelos


Lube & Vaginal Moisturiser

Pelvic Health Products

FEMFIT- pelvic floor training system

use discount code femfit+novella for 10% off

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Camille has worked in many clinical environments starting with sports medicine 25 years ago while achieving a Bachelor of Exercise Sports Science/Athletic Training from Texas State University. After completing a Master of Physiotherapy Studies from The University of Queensland, she worked as a private practitioner in nursing homes, with the general public, sports teams, occupational health, and in musculoskeletal private practice. Camille became a mother in 2018 and through the fog of birth trauma found her calling to start taking advanced courses in Women’s Health Physiotherapy. This was the birth of Novella Health and her passion for helping women feel comfortable in their bodies. Camille is currently completing a clinical doctorate in physical therapy.

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Wellness Centre Proserpine, 70 Main Street, Gia Country, Proserpine QLD 4800


Barefoot Medicine, Shop 6/1 Carlo Drive, Gia Country, Cannonvale QLD 4802


Dynamic Chiropractic, 33 Murroona Street, Gia and Juru Country, Bowen QLD 4805

Schedule of fees

- Initial appointment 1 hour $180

- Follow-up 45 minutes $150

- Follow-up 30 minutes $110

Private health funds and Medicare Care Plans (from GP) accepted with gap payment

Please note: Novella Health rents space from the above business' and is not employed by any of these practices. If you have any questions or referrals please direct them to Novella Health and not the the location of practice.

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PO Box  1010, Proserpine QLD 4800

0422 743 230

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